Do You Know When To Hire An Employment Lawyer In New Jersey?

Managing your employees effectively is part of ensuring smooth business operations. This task is challenging whether you have a small or big team. Regardless of how hands-on you are, workplace disputes can still happen. Not every issue is serious; some problems can be resolved internally. But when it comes to dealing with legal matters, seeking assistance from legal professionals is a must.

Employment lawyers in New Jersey are experts in various aspects of employment law. They are the ones to call when your business is facing disputes involving your employees. The following are some of the situations where you will need the services of an employment lawyer.

Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Your Company

An employer can be sued by an employee for any legal grounds such as workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation against whistleblowing, unpaid wages, and wrongful termination. For sure, you know that violating the rights of an employee can lead to legal consequences. If proven liable, it can damage your business’ reputation. To properly and effectively handle this problem, hiring someone who is knowledgeable about federal, state, and local regulations on employment is necessary.

A competent employment lawyer in New Jersey will assess the situation by gathering facts. They will explain your legal options and help you choose a course of action. If the employee decides to bring the case to trial, they will represent you in court.

You Want to Ensure Compliance with the Law

Every company in New Jersey must follow the labor laws of the state. Non-compliance can mean trouble. An employment attorney can help you avoid facing legal disputes by ensuring your company policies do not go against the rules and regulations.

A common service they offer is assessing whether your employee handbook and policies on overtime work, salaries, leaves, and other benefits comply with the law. In this way, you can amend the policies and prevent violations from occurring. They can also draft and provide advice to improve your policies and further protect your employees.

You Need Help with Contract-Making

Contracts are crucial to all businesses. An employment contract states the responsibilities of the employer and employee. An employment lawyer can handle this work for you. The lawyer will draft the contract, including documents such as severance agreements, job descriptions, and job orders. They will ensure they are compliant, fair, and do not contain any language or terms that may harm your business.

You Have to Let Someone Go

Because New Jersey is an at-will state, you are legally allowed to fire an employee for any valid reason. However, if you are not well aware of federal and local law, you may be firing someone without good reason. To ensure you are not committing unlawful termination, such as retaliation and discrimination, ask your attorney.

Your lawyer can also help you make critical employment decisions, like when you have to retrench employees because of financial reasons. They will identify pitfalls that may come and advise on the best route to take to make sure you don’t face negative consequences.

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