Sexual Harrassment

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances that are made by one person to another. This form of harassment is normally associated with the workplace and may come in very many forms. Sexual harassment, even when meant as a joke can be very degrading and can make the workplace a hostile environment for the victim of the harassment. For this reason, the law allows victims of sexual harassment recourse by enabling them to sue for compensation. At Carcich O’Shea, LLC, we have years of experience handling sexual harassment cases. We offer you sound and pragmatic legal advice to ensure you get the justice that you deserve.

Understanding Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can easily be misunderstood. Victims of sexual harassment are often never sure whether the harassment is normal behavior or is something more sinister. In some cases, however, the harassment is so obvious that it cannot be mistaken for anything else. For example, a supervisor might demand that a subordinate engage in a personal relationship in exchange for a promotion. If a certain behavior by a colleague or supervisor makes you uncomfortable, you should take time to consider whether it qualifies as harassment or not. Whether physical or verbal, talking to an attorney such as Carcich O’Shea, LLC will inform you if you are a victim of sexual harassment and what you should do about it.

Why Should You Hire Attorneys For Sexual Harassment Cases?

Getting the help of an attorney when confronted with sexual harassment is critical. One of the most important reasons why you should bring an attorney into the picture is to help you understand your case and the legal options that you have. An experienced lawyer will also help you put together evidence to enable you to make your case in court. Whether the case is prosecuted in court or is settled through negotiations, you are going to need a lawyer by your side to ensure that your interests are taken care of.

Common FAQs About Sexual Harassment

It is recommended that you talk to a lawyer as soon as you notice a pattern of behavior that you feel constitutes sexual harassment. Getting advice early on from a lawyer will help you to understand if indeed you are facing sexual harassment. The second critical reason for seeing a lawyer is the fact that your attorney is likely to help you preserve evidence thus ensuring that you have a stronger case in court.

While there might be some hostility against you (especially if the culture of sexual harassment is rooted deep in the organization), the law prevents employers from harassing you. The law also protects you if you object to another person’s sexual harassment.

The answer is no. There are numerous cases of men being subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. This kind of harassment could come from female co-workers or men in the case of same-sex sexual harassment.

Your lawyer is obligated by a code of ethics not to reveal information that is given in confidence. If you are unsure if you are a victim of sexual harassment and are looking for a confidential review of your case, you can count on Carcich O’Shea, LLC to keep any information you give us confidential.

Sexual harassment has a lot to do with context so it depends on the nature of the comments made. For example, consistently telling an employee to wear more revealing clothes in order to close a sale or impress someone can be sexual harassment. The key here is to talk to an attorney who will review your case and give you legal advice.