Severance Negotiations

As an employee, you should know your legal rights to a severance package and its room for negotiations. Upon termination, you should consider several factors before signing any documents. Look out for the pay amount, outplacement services, and others.

Understanding Severance Negotiations

Majority of employers offer their workers a severance agreement which borders around the financial terms that employees leave with. They are nonetheless open to negotiate certain terms depending on their past performance and other records during their service with the company. Factors such as the cash payment as well as other benefits can be discussed whether individually or with the aid of legal assistance.


Why Should You Hire Attorneys for Severance Negotiations?

In the event of a job dismissal, an attorney can assist the employee to negotiate for severance leverage. This would help to persuade the employer on how the severance package is deemed to be more valuable than what it is believed to be. The attorney will also go through the history of the employee’s work to determine if there is any foundation to make any legal claims under the applicable employment regulations. This is simply to help the employee negotiate for more severance.

Common FAQs about Severance Negotiations

In usual cases, employers are not bound by any legal terms to provide their employees with any severance. Nevertheless, there could be an exception in which they had initially prepared a contract agreement upon the hiring of a particular employee which might have included severance benefits. There are also cases of employers who still provide employees with severance even though they are not required to do so by law.

Very unlikely. In fact, quitting will most likely prevent you from receiving an offer of severance. You might also be precluded from further legal claims or leverage.

It is always advisable to review what has been offered to you. If the need arises, consult a legal consultant for a professional and thorough input.

A typical severance offer would usually have a specific timeline for both resignations and dismissals. Always ask for some time for you to review every single part of the terms before signing.

The court may enforce these restrictions depending on a case-by-case basis.

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