Wage & Hour / Overtime

Wage and hour disputes are often tied to payment agreements between an employee and an employer. When a worker feels that he or she is not getting their fair share of pay as agreed, there are legal options open to them. This also applies to overtime compensation where the employee might feel unfairly compensated for work put in. In such cases, Carcich O’Shea, LLC can help. We focus on workplace-related cases so you get the benefit of our experience. Talk to us today for a confidential review of your case.

Understanding Wage & Hour / Overtime

The wage system involves labor for cash. Employees put in hours at work and use their skills/energy to add value to the employer. In turn, the employer pays the workers for the hours they put in. As can be imagined, disputes often arise between these two parties regarding the amount of compensation. When this happens, the parties can get help from legal channels. Attorneys who handle workplace disputes such as Carcich O’Shea, LLC can help you understand the legal options that you face. We can also guide you through the dispute resolution process and help you achieve a mutually agreeable settlement.


Why Should You Hire Attorneys for Wage & Hour / Overtime Cases?

Having an experienced attorney represent you during a wage and hour/ overtime dispute is critical in getting the right resolution to your case. A good attorney will not only offer you sound legal advice but will also help you navigate through the dispute resolution process. If you are an employee trying to get justice, you are likely to face lawyers hired by your employer. Without experienced attorneys by your side, you are not likely to recover the back or unpaid wages you are entitled to..

Common FAQs about Wage & Hour / Overtime

Although the facts of each case differ from one dispute to another, common cases that fall under this category include failure of an employer to pay overtime, employer withholding pay in order to force a worker to do something or paying a worker less than was agreed.

The best thing to do in such a case is to talk to an experienced wage and hour / overtime attorney about your case. Circumstances differ and only by listening to the specifics of your case is a lawyer able to assess the facts of your case.

Certain categories of employees may not always be eligible for overtime wages. These categories include salaried workers. Sometimes employers misclassify employees in order to avoid paying wages. This is illegal and you should talk to your lawyer the instant you realize that this is going on.

The law protects you from unfair discrimination so your employer can not fire you for taking him or her to court to recover your dues. However, circumstances differ and it is best to assess the particulars of your case with your lawyer before making that decision.

There are many approaches that your legal team could use to resolve this issue without going to court. One of them is mediation where they negotiate on your behalf to get what is owed to you. However, these kinds of cases do end up in court if all other methods do not work.

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At Carcich O’Shea, LLC, we bring to the table a wealth of experience that ensures that you get the best representation possible. You can count on us to keep all the details of your case confidential. We are very passionate about the cases we take us so you can expect that we will fight for you every step of the way.

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