Employment Contracts

An employment contract contains terms and conditions, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the employee constituted within the firm. The contract should be made available for a discussion before any endorsement is made.

Understanding Employment Contracts

An employment contract is an agreement between a worker and an employer which is signed upon its acceptance. It displays the set of employee rights as part of the staff’s entitlements, as well as the corresponding responsibilities to be performed once work has commenced. It should be noted that every employee has the right to be given sufficient time to review the contract before agreeing on the terms being offered.

Why Should You Hire Attorneys For Employment Contracts?

Attorneys can help both employers and employees with issues pertaining to different aspects of employment contracts. For employers, attorneys are available should any employment disputes arise. Such issues can impact decisions pertaining to dismissals, classifications, and more. As for employees, an attorney would come in handy should you discover that you are deprived of any employment benefits that you had initially agreed upon with your employer.

Common FAQs About Employment Contracts

Typically, an employment contract comprises an employee’s compensation, benefits, bonus, job position, responsibilities, and termination/resignation clauses.

Most employment contracts state that employers are free to terminate an employment at any time provided that there are valid reasons. Otherwise employers are required to give the employee a notice period.

Employees are advised to discuss with their employers regarding any missing terms or clauses before signing any agreement.

It simply means that the employee needs to agree on the policy terms in that separate document on top of the original employment contract.

It is highly advisable for an employee to seek clarifications regarding any terms or clauses that are not fully understood to avoid future disputes.

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