Mediation Services

If you happen to be looking for an attorney to help with a mediation case, look no further than Carcich O’Shea, LLC. We are experienced and highly trained in the field of mediation.

Understanding Mediation Services

Mediation is a process in which a neutral party, also known as the mediator, helps to resolve a dispute between several parties. Essentially, the objective of mediation is to reach a win-win agreement that is mutually accepted. Due to the fact that mediation often produces favorable results for the parties involved, such cases are usually resolved rather quickly. This reduces the expenses that might be required in litigation.

Mediation is a preferred method of dispute resolution because research has shown that more than 65% of disputes submitted to mediation can be resolved without any further legal proceedings. Many people also turn to mediation because it helps maintain confidentiality and the proceedings will not be put on record unlike court cases.


Why Should You Hire Attorneys for Mediation Services?

It is important to hire an attorney for mediation services because they would have the legal expertise to protect your legal rights. Your attorney can also help to negotiate a settlement on your behalf and guide you through every step of the way. Having an attorney would also mean that the settlement addresses all the issues in the case that you might be concerned about. Furthermore, they will educate you on how to negotiate from a strong position.

Common FAQs about Mediation Services

Mediation is used for any kind of dispute. However, it is most commonly utilized in commercial matters, civil issues and family or divorce proceedings.

For participants in mediation, feelings and emotions can come into play and skew the whole proceeding to a negative place. Mediation can help to put these emotions aside so that the parties involved can come to an agreement that is beneficial to everyone.

In New Jersey many cases are ordered to mediation by the Court or parties can agree to mediation. Some contracts also mandate mediation.

Although these two legal proceedings often have the same goal of reaching a just resolution, there are some major differences between the two. The key difference is that in arbitration, the arbitrator reviews evidence and forms a decision. However, in mediation, there is a negotiation that is facilitated by a neutral mediator. It is important to note that for mediation, the parties cannot reach a resolution unless they all agree.

Rest assured that even if a mediation process is unsuccessful, there are usually further negotiations. This means that the mediators would follow up on your case if a settlement cannot be reached. Therefore, it is important that you have an attorney who can contact the other party or the mediator so that discussions can continue.

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