School Law

Here at Carcich O’Shea, LLC, our attorneys have vast amounts of experience when it comes to school law. We specialize in all kinds of matters regarding the New Jersey boards of education. We also offer skilled legal services and professional representation on any issue that might be faced by the school districts in New Jersey. As a reputable law firm, we are dedicated to conducting proper and fair investigations while providing legal advice on many touchy issues that can arise in an educational setting.

Understanding School Law

School law is actually a very broad term that involves any legal proceeding that might arise from an issue that stems from a school setting. This could include matters such as whistleblowing, discrimination based on factors like sex or gender, investigations and teacher or student discipline. It could also have to do with rights issues in a school. For example, in this modern day and age, teachers often face difficulties in fighting school boards for funding in the classroom. The educational sector might also implement hiring or wage freezes that deter the teachers from making a decent living.

Why Should You Hire Attorneys For School Law?

Some matters are sensitive when it comes to legal proceedings about education. For example, what kind of rights do you think your school-attending child is entitled to when in enrolled in an educational institution? If your child faces a suspension from school, is it in your legal power to demand a due process and make an appeal to the school? These are things that only attorneys have experience about. They can help to advise you about the best way to go about your legal actions while protecting your legal rights.

Common FAQs About School Law

Unbeknownst to some, school districts are actually allowed to keep records of students regarding both academic and non-academic information about your child. This might include teacher reports or medical reports. However, keeping information about what a student has said about their political affiliation or undocumented reports about a student is not permitted.

Parents typically have the right to their children’s student records if they are under the age of 18. However, the school has the right to withhold such information if there has been a court order mandating that they do.

Every school district in New Jersey is required to publish a student handbook detailing all the disciplinary rules for the students.

If your child violates the code of conduct that is stipulated in the handbook that the school district is required to distribute yearly, they might be subject to suspension or even expulsion but never corporal punishment.

School records are considered confidential. They cannot be released without the consent of the student or their parents, unless there has been a court order or the student has been transferred to a state facility.

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