The Importance Of The FLSA Today For NJ Employers and Employees

In 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was enacted to ensure fair employment guidelines for employees and employers. These include establishing a minimum wage and overtime pay. In particular, FLSA stipulates that non-exempt workers are to be paid one and a half times their hourly pay as overtime rate if they are working more than 40 hours a week. If you feel that FLSA has been breached within your organization, you may consider asking an attorney.

Today, the FLSA remains as an important law in ensuring fairness in employment. It is now up to the human resource teams and higher-level management teams to build an organization that is compliant with wage and hour laws. It is also essential for employers to be knowledgeable about wage and hour laws, and comply with these laws that have a great impact in the workplace.

As long as there is clear communication between upper-level management and employees, many FLSA issues can be avoided. Here are some important aspects of FLSA to assess:

Schemes and Regulations

Prioritize compliance. Start from educating your employees and making it a goal of the organization. Keep a close eye on practices within the company and make changes where necessary.

Regulations and schemes must be put in place and discussed with employees of the organization. It is important to take note that in some organizations, employers have established regulations that require employees to seek approval from supervisors before working overtime. However, even if employees work unauthorized hours, employers are still required to pay employees overtime rate. In this case, disciplinary action can be taken against the employee by the employer, but this should only be done if regulations and schemes have been put into place.

This is why it is important for open communication within an organization. It is important to ensure that employees have understood the regulations established. Employers can also invest in a communication platform for easy dissemination of information.

Changing Workplace Habits

One of the most difficult things to do is to transform workplace habits. Upper-level management should be given adequate relevant training and education. When the leaders of the company begin to consistently portray themselves to be serious and determined in implementing changes for compliance, liability stemming from comfortable behavior will start to decrease as well.

It is thus essential for leaders in organizations to focus on FLSA as they do with other key goals within the company. In an increasingly modernized world, employees can work anywhere and anytime where there is an internet connection. Hence, it is important to establish regulations, conduct training and educate. These will help to enforce compliance in the workplace.

Making Use of Technology

With the advancement of technology, there are tools now that can help to track the working hours of employees, such as tracking that is cloud-based to check how much time an employee has worked. This is especially important for employees that work from home. Such tools can help with auditing payrolls, thus ensuring compliance.

FLSA today is important for both employees and employers in ensuring fair employment. If you have any more questions regarding FLSA, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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