Hostile Work Environment

It can be difficult for employees to determine if they are indeed working in a hostile work environment. Employees can weigh in on certain conditions at their workplace that may or may not constitute a hostile work environment.

Understanding Hostile Work Environments

Employees need to first understand that a hostile work environment can be caused by more than just a single factor. Past surveyed employees gave their opinions on what are some of the factors that create a hostile work environment, including:

  • An unreasonable boss
  • Rude co-workers
  • No room for job progress
  • No recognition
  • Lack of benefits or privileges

Why Should You Hire Attorneys For Hostile Work Environments?

It is mandatory for every employer to provide a conducive work environment for every member of their staff. Should they fail to do so, employees have legal rights to seek compensation of various sorts. Employees need to first go through their superiors to voice any concerns regarding a potential hostile work environment. Should they be deprived of any assistance, they should proceed to lodge a formal complaint to a government body or seek legal advice.

Common FAQs About Hostile Work Environments

A hostile work environment often revolves around the term offensive or making an employee feel unwelcomed. An employee may also feel other attributes of discomfort, intimidation or other unpleasant encounters.

A generally unpleasant work environment cannot be categorized as it being hostile. A bad boss or obnoxious colleagues and a lack of opportunities are just factors constituting an absence of perks.

If the hostile work environment becomes discriminatory, then yes, it could eventually be deemed as illegal. Other factors like severity and pervasiveness would also play a part to help determine this.

The employer would suffer a decrease in overall productivity when the victim becomes too stressed to perform at work. He/she may eventually take sick leaves or even tender a resignation causing a shortage in manpower that will incur additional costs to conduct interviews for a new hire.

This issue depends on the type of industry that an employee works for but on average, 20% of employees at any particular workplace has to succumb to a hostile work environment based on past research done in 2015.

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