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Carcich O’Shea specializes in handling employment law disputes in Rutherford, New Jersey. From workplace discrimination to sexual harassment, our team of attorneys has experience working with a wide range of issues concerning workplace rights. Whether you are an employer or employee, our attorneys can assist you with sound legal advice regarding work-related disputes you may be facing.
About Rutherford, New Jersey

Rutherford is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Named after John Rutherfurd, a US Senator who owned land in the area, Rutherford has also been named the “Borough of Trees” and “The First Borough of Bergen County”. It is home to the famed Williams Center, a former vaudevillian theatre-turned-performing arts center that is named after William Carlos Williams, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, and physician who lived in Rutherford. Rutherford also offers a wide array of places for leisure, including gourmet cafes, wine shops, bistros, salons, and music conservatories.

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Carcich O'Shea, LLC’s Key Practice Areas in Rutherford, New Jersey

At Carcich O'Shea, LLC, we have years of experience representing employees in the following areas:

Employment Litigation:

We have helped employees with various workplace disputes concerning wages, overtime claims, workplace discrimination and whistleblower assertions.

Sexual Harassment:

We have several years of experience handling quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment allegations.

Family Medical Leave Act:

We have previously handled cases wherein employees have been denied their right to family leave. This leave lasts three months and is to be used continuously within two years, without risk of termination.

Employment Contracts:

We can provide legal guidance in matters pertaining to the negotiation of severance packages, non-compete agreements, non-solicitations, unpaid commissions, overtime lawsuits, and fair labor standards act (FLSA).

Mediation Services:

Should you contemplate taking your employer to court, we can assist you through a peaceful mediation first.

Shareholder / Partnership Disputes:

We can help you resolve conflicts between you and your business partners.

Workplace Training / Investigations:

We can provide third-party insight to aid investigations into employment-related complaints and accidents.

School Law:

We can represent school employees and districts in a discreet manner to protect the confidentiality of school-related legal matters.

Breach of Duty of Loyalty:

We can help assist employers in cases where employees have breached loyalty by misusing confidential data or proprietary resources.

The New Jersey Sales Representatives’ Rights Act:

Independent contractors who are employed as sales representatives are entitled to their commissions along with other compensation 30 days after the due date of those payments or earned within 30 days after the termination of their contract, whichever is later.

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Why Should You Hire Our Employment Attorneys in Rutherford, New Jersey?

Employment laws in New Jersey aim to uphold fairness at workplaces while safeguarding both employers and employees from retaliation, harassment, and discrimination. These laws also ensure that employees receive fair wages every month. Since employment laws in New Jersey can be complex, it is advisable to seek expert legal help to navigate these laws and understand your rights. At Carcich O’Shea, LLC, we can help assess your circumstances to ascertain if you have a case to pursue, before delving into the appropriate legal solutions. We can also assist former employees who have been wrongfully terminated or who have had false allegations pinned on them.

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