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Carcich O’Shea, LLC is proficient in the employment laws of Ridgewood, New Jersey. We have managed to build a portfolio of clients requiring assistance with claims surrounding workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, disputes, and more.
About Ridgewood, New Jersey

Ridgewood is located in New Jersey with a village population of 24,958 residents. It is located 20 miles from Midtown Manhattan, making it a suburban commuter town of New York City. Ridgewood’s residents have one of the highest incomes with a household median of $162,011 that is ranked 7th among other state municipalities. Residents typically reside in areas like the village’s central business district, which also houses some iconic buildings like the Moore Building and the Wilsey Building. Other regions include The Heights and Scrabbletown and they are well-populated with skyscrapers.

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Carcich O’Shea, LLC’s Key Practice Areas In Ridgewood, New Jersey

At Carcich O’Shea, LLC, we have years of experience representing employees in the following areas:

Employment Litigation:

If you are an employee, let us assist on issues regarding your wage and overtime claims, arbitration, whistleblower complaints, and workplace discrimination claims.

Sexual Harassment:

Let us assist on harassment scenarios like quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment cases.

Family Medical Leave Act:

Every employee is entitled to three months of family leave which needs to be applied fully within a two-year period without risks of dismissals. We can be the middleman should your employer deprive you of this right.

Employment Contracts:

If you are a worker, we can assist in negotiating severance, non-compete agreements, non-solicitations, unpaid commissions, overtime lawsuits, and fair labor standards act (FLSA).

Mediation Services:

As an employee, you can consider mediation before taking your employer to court.

Shareholder / Partnership Disputes:

Business disputes could cause huge financial losses. Let us assist with coming up with proper resolutions that are favorable for both parties.

Workplace Training / Investigations:

We can assist with third-party investigations of complaints and accidents related to employment.

School Law:

School districts that need legal help can consult our team. For sensitive matters, we can transact in a private setting.

Breach of Duty of Loyalty:

For employers with staff who have breached the loyalty clause of their agreement contract, we can assist.

The New Jersey Sales Representatives’ Rights Act:

Sales representatives who were initially contracted independently are entitled to their commissions and other compensation in various forms 30 days after these payments were due or earned within 30 days after their contracts have been terminated, whichever is later.

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Why Should You Hire Our Employment Attorneys in New Jersey?

The main objective of putting in place the employment laws of New Jersey is to provide a guarantee that every employee receives their wages. In addition, a safe and conducive work environment is just as important. Employers also deserve to manage their roles and company well enough with no complaints to be anticipated. For those with cases like harassment, retaliation, discrimination, and others, do come forward to meet our employment attorneys.

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