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Carcich O’Shea, LLC has a team of experienced attorneys under our wing who are knowledgeable in various employment laws of New Jersey. We have handled cases of complaints and allegations within the setting of a workplace and we have helped both employees and employers achieve a favorable resolution.
About Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

Franklin Lakes is located in New Jersey with a population of 10,590 residents. It is home to the headquarter of Becton Dickinson, which is a Fortune 500 establishment. This firm stems from the medical technology industry that helps grow the economy of Franklin Lakes on top of other companies. Some of the supporting sectors include health, pharmaceutical, and retail. Franklin Lakes is one of the richest communities from 2014 to 2018. In addition, its residents have a median household income of approximately $159,983.

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Carcich O'Shea, LLC’s Key Practice Areas in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

At Carcich O'Shea, LLC, we have years of experience representing employees in the following areas:

Employment Litigation

We are proficient in helping employees with issues concerning their wages and overtime claims, arbitration, whistleblower claims, and events of workplace discrimination.

Sexual Harassment

We have handled numerous cases of quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment claims.

Family Medical Leave Act

We will ensure employees get to practice their rights to a three months of family leave entitlement that is to be applied continuously within a two-year period without risks of getting terminated. We have handled previous cases of employees who were not allowed to utilize this privilege

Employment Contracts

We can help to negotiate severance packages, non-compete agreements, non-solicitations, unpaid commissions, overtime lawsuits, and fair labor standards act (FLSA).

Mediation Services:

We can evaluate your current conflict situation to determine if there is room for mediation before anyone gets dragged to court.

Shareholder / Partnership Disputes:

We can act as a middleman to assist business partners and shareholders resolve business conflicts that could be of a severe degree.

Workplace Training / Investigations

We can provide third-party investigations for employers who wish to narrow down on the facts involved in cases of employment complaints and accidents.

School Law

We represent school workers of any rank to deal in private to prevent any sensitive data from being aired.

Breach of Duty of Loyalty

We help employers deal with workers who mismanage the company’s proprietary resources or confidential data.

The New Jersey Sales Representatives Rights Act

Sales representatives who are employed on an independent basis are entitled to their commissions plus other compensation 30 days after the due date of those payments or earned within 30 days after the termination of their contract, whichever is later.

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Why Should You Hire Our Employment Attorneys in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey?

The employment laws of New Jersey are imposed to first prevent any misconduct at workplaces within various sectors. They also help to uphold discipline in order to avert incidents of retaliation, discrimination, and harassment by both employees and employers. This gets executed while warranting employees get their fair wages when their pay is due.

Our team at Carcich O’Shea, LLC recommends any personnel, whether an employee or employer, to seek professional legal advice should any workplace conflicts arise. This can help ensure that rightful resolutions can be put in place. We understand how a person’s reputation can easily be tarnished due to false allegations. That is why Carcich O’Shea, LLC renders assistance to victims to help clear their names to a clean slate.

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