What Is National Origin Discrimination In NJ Workplace?

Within the workplace, what is national origin discrimination? It is the treatment of applicants or employees that – because they may be of a particular ethnic background or based on their accent or ethnicity – is different than the treatment of others. Solely because of a person’s national origin, discrimination against that applicant or employee is unlawful.

But There’s More to It Than That

This also entails discrimination based on an individual’s accent and the following:

A perceived specific ethnic group’s…

    • Linguistic characteristics
    • Culture
    • Ancestry
    • Birthplace

Individuals associated with or married to people of a national origin group are also protected against discrimination and harassment. The following is also included here:

    • A surname associated with a national origin group
    • Mosques, temples, churches, or school participation or attendance generally associated with a national origin group
    • Association with members of particular ethnic promotion groups

Were You Denied Employment?

The hiring process cannot discriminate against an individual due to their language, culture, ancestry, or birthplace. This is prohibited by law. You cannot be denied equal opportunity in firing, hiring, or any other conditions and terms of employment because a member of your family, or you, yourself, is from another country. Neither can you be discriminated against for the following reasons:

    • You have an accent, or a name associated with a national origin group
    • Associated with a national origin group, you participate in certain customs
    • Because you associate with or are married to people of a certain national origin

If you feel that you were denied employment based on the above-stated criteria, seek legal representation immediately.

Racial Discrimination

Sometimes, when, at the hands of a potential employer or a current employer, individuals experience national origin discrimination, they are also experiencing racially-based discrimination. In every aspect of the employment relationship, state and federal laws prohibit race discrimination. Aspects can include the following:

    • Job training
    • Compensation
    • Promotions
    • Termination
    • Hiring
    • And any other employment condition or term

Nor can your employer harass you on the basis of national origin. Based on a person’s national origin, harassment is any conduct that creates the following:

    • Offensive work environment
    • Hostile workplace
    • Intimidating work surroundings
    • Or if it interferes with the performance of the person in question

What is harassment? It can include the following:

    • Questions or comments about the cultural traditions or habits of a person
    • Of particular significance to a certain ethnic group or racial group, specific physical acts
    • Jokes involving a specific ethnic group
    • Racial slurs, and more

Have you been a victim of racial discrimination, national origin discrimination, or some other type of background-related or group-associated harassment? If so, it’s time to seek legal representation.

Carcich O’Shea Will Listen to Your National Origin Discrimination Claims

Carcich O’Shea wants to hear your story if you feel that you are a victim of national origin discrimination. We focus on workplace matters involving business litigation, negotiation, arbitration and mediation, employment law, and more. If there is a case for national origin discrimination, we will verify it and then explain how to process your claim. Whether or not we move forward will be your choice.

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss a national origin discrimination case or other workplace matter that may have violated the law.

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