New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

Discrimination may occur in any situation. A person’s right to live a normal life should never be affected because of someone’s narrow view of a particular group or trait that one might have. Protect yourself by learning more about New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD).

Understanding New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

NJLAD is state law that has been enacted to protect people from discrimination. The law makes it illegal to treat people differently based on a protected trait that they might have. The NJLAD currently forbids discrimination based on these protected traits:

  • Race, religion, color
  • Nationality, national origin, ancestry
  • Age
  • Gender (this includes pregnant women)
  • Marital status, domestic partnership, civil union status
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity or expression
  • Mental and physical disability

Why Should You Hire Attorneys For New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Cases?

One should not be discriminated against simply based on one’s race, religion or other protected traits. We can do our part in preventing disriminatory actions from arising by tackling your claims of discrimination. Do not hesitate to call your attorney if you believe you have been discriminated against.

Common FAQs About New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

First, we need to determine if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the accused have discriminated against you. We also have to ascertain what protected traits you might have and the consequence of their discrimination.
Secondly, a demand letter would be made to the accused. This letter would outline the charges made against them and demands for these issue to be resolved. Once this issue has been resolved, we will work on your behalf to negotiate a settlement.
If unresolved, the subsequent step to take is to file your complaint. Once the complaint has been filed, the accused has up to 35 days to answer your complaint before discovery begins. Discovery can include interviews, documents and depositions that would help aid in the trial. Be prepared for thorough questioning from your attorney and the defense lawyers during the discovery process and resulting trial.

Some common types of discrimination claims include, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, gender discrimination and racial discrimination.

NJLAD provides greater coverage for protected groups as compared to federal law. The NJLAD does this by encompassing additional protected groups and forbidding discrimination in more forms.

The use of direct evidence, such as documents and invoices, could be used against the accused. Other circumstantial evidence, such as interviews, is also another form of evidence that can be used.

Under the NJLAD, it requires you to file the complaint within two years of the qualifying event. Do contact your attorney immediately to discuss your claims after an incident have occurred.

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Let your voice be heard by choosing Carcich O’Shea, LLC to defend your claims in court. If you feel that you have been unjustly discriminated against, do contact us to see how we could help you in defending your rights. With over a collective experience of 20 years, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

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