Why You Could Fight Your New Jersey Traffic Ticket

If you have received a traffic ticket in New Jersey, you may be feeling frustrated and uncertain of what to do next. However, it is important to remember that you have options, and you should take the time to understand your rights before making any decisions.

One option is to simply pay the ticket and move on. This may be the easiest option, but it is also important to understand that paying a ticket is an admission of guilt and will result in points being added to your driver’s license. If you accumulate enough points, you could end up losing your license altogether. Another option is to fight the traffic ticket in court. This can be a time-consuming and daunting process, but it may be worth it if you are able to get the charges against you dropped or reduced. Learn about why you could challenge your New Jersey traffic ticket and get the charges reduced.

Not Pleading Guilty

If you do not plead guilty, this means you intend to fight the traffic ticket in court. You should read the fine print on your ticket and take note of the court date listed on it. This is the deadline when you need to pay the fine if you are pleading guilty or entering a not guilty plea. Prior to this date, you should seek legal help from an experienced New Jersey municipal court attorney to review your case. They will examine all the evidence carefully and work to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

On your first court appearance, the prosecutor will typically offer you the deal to plead guilty to an amended charge that may involve a lower penalty, such as a lesser points offense. Take note that although the points are decreased, you may still need to pay a fine. In some scenarios, it makes sense to accept this offer but you may be unsure of what works best for you. Here’s when it is beneficial to have a lawyer represent you. They can provide advice on whether you should continue challenging the charges.

In addition, if you reside in a faraway location or are unable to appear in court, the attorney may be able to handle your case without the need for you to be present. Under New Jersey court rules, this is known as a “plea by mail” where affirmative showing is needed, usually through a sworn statement stating that it is burdensome for you to show up in municipal court in New Jersey. Out-of-state defendants can use this strategy to resolve New Jersey traffic tickets.

Strong Defenses May Be Available for You

Even if you are aware that you have broken the law, you may still have powerful defenses available to you. The government needs to prove that you are guilty. If they cannot gather sufficient evidence or the evidence they have is unreliable, your charges could be dismissed.

Request for the Radar Calibration Certificate

A New Jersey municipal court attorney can contest your traffic ticket even if the officer can provide evidence with the radar device. The officer’s radar device has to be calibrated every 30 days to three months and there is a chance it could be inaccurate or have calibration issues. If they cannot provide the certificate of calibration, your charges can be dismissed.

Fighting your New Jersey traffic ticket may be more time-consuming than simply paying the fine, but it could save you money in the long run. An attorney will be familiar with the procedures and evidence needed to give you the best chance of success in court. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you, contact Carcich O’Shea today.

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